Why Did My Glass Pool Fence Suddenly Explode?

Have you ever heard a loud knock and then looked out to your pool area to find that a glass fence panel was missing? It's not an uncommon occurrence, and it can be due to a variety of reasons. A Brisbane glass pool professional recently explained that glass fences are tested to burst, especially in very hot climates. This is because the tensile strength of the glass changes during the tempering process, making it more resistant to direct impact but more susceptible to side impact. Cristina, spokeswoman for the Sydney Balustrade Authority, said there will occasionally be a small break in the edge of a glass balustrade that will not cause it to break immediately.

This is why it is used as a shower screen, since it does not have clothes on to help protect it in case the glass breaks. However, if the glass is not installed correctly or has internal defects, it can break suddenly and without warning. It's important to use a reliable and well-checked glazier when repairing or installing the glass. Tempered glass panels that meet Australian standards are the only types of glass panels you should consider for your home.

This is because tempered glass is designed to break into smaller pieces in order to reduce the amount of damage caused to people who are close to it when it breaks. Recently, one of our customers sent us some images that give us definitive proof of one of the main questions we are asked in the glass industry: why did my glass pool fence explode? It turns out that their greatest strength, security, is also their greatest weakness. Maybe you were there and you heard a loud knock, or maybe you didn't know what had happened until you looked at your pool and noticed that a glass fence panel was missing. A woman who claimed to work in the industry said it could be due to internal defects inside the glass or minor damage during installation.

There have been many landlords and tenants alike who have woken up with a broken balcony door panel or have come home from work to a pool fence spread all over the backyard. It's always recommended to use a reliable and well-checked glazier when repairing or installing the glass pool fence. While it's not common, it's certainly not unusual for glass fences to break suddenly without warning. The first time, it made a mess on my wooden deck, but this time, a lot of glass fell into the pool.

Lucy Robinson
Lucy Robinson

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