Can a Glass Pool Fence Shatter? - An Expert's Perspective

Glass pool fences are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their aesthetic appeal and safety features. But can they shatter? According to experts, the answer is yes. Tempered glass, which is six times stronger than regular glass, is used for glass pool fences. This type of glass is also used for shower doors, windscreens, and other surfaces that may be exposed to impacts.

However, even tempered glass can break due to poor installation or other factors. A Brisbane glass pool professional recently stated that glass fences are tested to burst in hot climates. He also noted that glass breakage can be caused by poor workmanship. To ensure safety, the glass has a flexible interlayer in the form of a net that blocks UV rays and provides greater protection.

In the event of a breakage, the glass will shatter into small blunt pieces to minimize damage. It is also important to note that if the glass is installed in a frame such as aluminum top and bottom rails, there must be tolerance for movement as the glass will expand. If there is no place for it to expand, it can explode. Additionally, during the manufacturing process of tempered glass, microscopic stones (called nickel sulfide inclusions) can sometimes get trapped inside the glass. In conclusion, while it is not common for glass pool fences to shatter suddenly without warning, it is certainly not unheard of. To ensure safety and prevent breakage, it is important to use a reliable and well-checked glazier when repairing or installing the glass.

Lucy Robinson
Lucy Robinson

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