How do you cut a glass pool fence?

A glass pool fence is easier to install and more affordable than you might think. We often get calls from people who want to use glass for their pool fence but think it's out of their budget. In the past, glass was an expensive option, however, with the wide range of standard-size panels that are now available, the price has dropped. We have more than 40 panels of different sizes, including pre-drilled doors and hinge panels available on the shelf.

These panels have a height of 1200 mm and a width of 200 mm to 2000 mm in increments of 50 mm. If you can stick to these panels, the price is almost a third of the custom cut size for glass. By using panels of different sizes and adjusting the space between the panels, it's easy to do this. There are over 35 standard size pool fence panels to choose from.

All pool fence glass panels are 1200mm high and are made of 12mm thick tempered and heat soaked glass The panels range in width from 200mm to 2000mm Our pool fence glass has no holes, so it is suitable for use with friction spigots and a top mount handrail (if desired). Glass pool fencing panels can be installed with spigots or posts. Also consider the fact that you will need to get certified that your fence is safe enough to meet Australian pool fence standards. It's just not worth cutting corners with the pool fence.

We have 12mm glass panels from 600mm to 1800mm in 50mm increments, we also have a selection of ready-to-use special panels for retaining walls and garden bed transitions. The semi frameless glass pool fence consists of 10mm grade A tempered safety glass with 50mm aluminum ribbed glass posts. We have 10mm glass panels from 600mm to 900mm in 50mm increments and 900mm to 1600mm in 25mm increments and a range of ready-to-use special panels for transitions of retaining walls and garden beds. We also have a wide range of 50 mm glazed posts in round and square profiles.

When you choose tempered glass from Trade Glass Depot, you can be sure that your glass panels, hardware and fixings will be of the highest quality and certified to Australian standards. Options include the use of spigots to hold the glass from below or the use of posts with clamps for glass or slotted tube. We have a range of balustrade styles available or we can custom make glass balustrades to suit your needs. Adding a pool is a big decision for many homeowners and there are plenty of options when it comes to styling.

A pool fence is often the first thing you see when approaching or looking at the pool area, so it is very important to choose a fence style that complements or enhances the look of the pool and entertainment area. Frameless glass pool fence is made of 12mm toughened grade A safety glass with mirror polished 316 marine grade stainless steel spigots in premium square or round profiles. Even if your project is in a high wind zone or in a cyclone region, Trade Glass Depot's rigorous product testing for loads and deflection will give you peace of mind. Absolute Glass Products is proud to offer its customers the best quality polished spigots on the market.

For example, a tempered glass panel will only break between the spikes if it is not properly aligned on those spigots or if the spikes have moved over time.

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