Can you cut glass pool fence?

It's durable, tough and impact-resistant, making it one of the most widely used architectural glass options out there. The tempered safety glass is designed to comply with HOA laws and swimming pool safety codes, with a rating of 24,000 psi. Our glass panels have polished edges and can be cut to size to fit any design. Once the glass has hardened, you cannot cut, drill or make any additional changes to the glass.

That's why it's important to consult with a qualified glassmaker to ensure accurate measurements are taken before ordering glass pool fencing online. Once the glass panels have gone through the hardening process, any modification will require the ordering and processing of new glass panels, which will increase costs and lead to delays. Therefore, once a piece of glass has hardened, it cannot be cut or resized. The cutting of the tempered glass breaks the tension in the glass and the panel explodes.

For the same reason, the mounting holes on the pool fence panels must be exactly correct; adjustments cannot be made in situ. The shape of each glass pool fence will vary depending on the design of the property. Our glass panels are cut to size for each project and can be of any shape or size. This allows them to be placed evenly around existing constructions, such as stairs or columns, or irregularly shaped surfaces, such as a sloping hill.

Our glass pool fences can also be installed on various surfaces, such as concrete, tile, wood, grass and earth to suit your landscape. Once hardened, safety glass is a finished product and cannot be cut, drilled or altered. This also means less hassle for years, as installing a glass fence reduces the maintenance needed in the pool. Even if your project is in a high wind zone or in a cyclone region, Trade Glass Depot's rigorous product testing for loads and deflection will put your mind at ease.

In any case, frameless glass fences for custom and frameless pools installed by yourself are the best choice to achieve a stylish in-ground pool look AND ensure the safety of swimmers during the summer (or all year round if the weather of your location allows). The best option for irregularly shaped concrete slabs would be to order frameless glass fences online separate and attach them at the corners with the appropriate 45, 90, 135 or 180 degree glass-to-glass connectors, the same brackets that are used to attach the basic fence panels. For the highest quality materials to get your glass balustrade or pool fencing project finished on time, get a free quote from Trade Glass Depot today. Tempered glass panels that meet Australian standards are the only types of glass panels you should consider for your home.

Retaining walls: Retaining walls directly next to pool fences may require specially manufactured glass to climb and overcome obstacles, but they are still safe and comply with pool fence laws. Glass and mirror agents are available to help you install your DIY pool glass fencing system. With virtually nothing to hold on to, climbing a glass pool fence is almost impossible, making it a very safe option for pool fence. Frameless glass pool fence is preferable and aesthetically more pleasing than aluminum or wrought iron railings, as it is timeless and unaffected by changes in the decoration or ornamentation of your backyard.

Glass railings are the perfect safety barrier as they allow a nice and clear overview of your pool and backyard. The combination of using only the highest quality raw material “float glass” and an additional factory de-stressor helps minimize the chances of impurities being present. .

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