How wide is a glass pool gate?

We offer 3 widths of 8mm clear tempered pool gate panels (which fit standard spring hinges) and 2 widths of 12mm doors that fit Polaris “soft close”. The frameless gate system is ideal in tight spaces or corners. This pool gate is hinged on a 3-inch square stainless steel post, which can be surface or core mounted. Self-closing and self-closing to comply with pool safety code.

Additional child safety features include a lockable latch and “soft close” hinges to prevent bumps. The option of a premium lever handle is available. For door panels up to 39 wide. We have 3 sizes of pre-perforated doors available.

All doors are 8 mm thick and 1200 mm high. Our door panels are pre-drilled with 6 x 10 mm holes that are used to fix the latch and hinges. Standard sizes that can accommodate most glass pool fences come in widths of 750mm, 834mm and 890mm. They are for a standard 8mm thick tempered glass door with spring loaded self-closing hinges.

Self-closing hinges are a legislative requirement and ensure that the pool fence gate closes automatically from any open position. It is possible to have a larger door equipped with spring-loaded hinges, however, we have found that the area of the door sail can hinder how well it closes. This means that, as the door acts like a sail in the wind, these forces work against it closing sometimes, depending on the location of the door and weather conditions. All of our glass door panels and glass hinge panels are Grade A tempered safety glass that come with pre-drilled hinges and latch holes, and meet Australian standards for pool fencing.

When you buy your DIY glass fence from us, you can guarantee that you will receive certified glass to Australian standards. All our glass panels for pool fences are made of Grade A tempered safety glass. Regular sizes that can accommodate most glass pool fences can be found in widths of 750mm, 834mm and 890mm. They are for a conventional 8mm thick tempered glass door with self-closing spring hinges.

Legislation needs self-closing hinges to ensure that the pool fence gate closes automatically, because safety is key and you don't want to risk anyone inadvertently entering the pool. It is conceivable to have a larger door equipped with spring-loaded hinges, however, we have identified that the “sail area” of the door can restrict how well it closes. Standard glass pool fences are usually 1200 mm high. The widths of the panels vary by design, but generally, a frameless pool fence will consist of panels between 850-1800 mm wide.

No matter what style of glass fence you choose, it must be at least 1200 mm high to meet safety regulations. Always review local regulations and guidelines to make sure your pool fence complies with your state's laws. Here are other things to keep in mind when choosing the right glass for your pool fence. Frameless fence is a popular option, as there is practically nothing to obstruct the view of the pool area and the surroundings, but the barrier and security of the fence remain.

While there are some variations in the size of the pool door you may have, the sizes may be limited due to the weight and position of where you would like to have the door. While conventional spring loaded hinges are sufficient for pool safety compliance, there is another product on offer that allows a much smoother closing and eliminates almost any snagging sound you get with spring loaded hinges. .

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