Pool glass fence cost?

According to the national PSA Pool Safely campaign, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children aged 1 to 4.Custom colors and finishes, such as a veined copper powder coated finish for a metal fence, will incur an additional charge. The disadvantage of a wire fence is that it is very easy to climb, so children are more likely to leave the fence and enter the pool area unattended, although most pets will be safe. You may also want to consider installing a pool safety net and always ensure that your pool is properly maintained. Glass is the exception to this rule because it has a much lower labor cost due to the speed and ease of installation.

The mesh requires little maintenance and unlike other fence materials, a mesh fence does not completely block the view. Pool fencing has become a critical issue in Australia due to the large number of children who have drowned in swimming pools due to unsupervised access. Most insurance companies require a fence around a swimming pool, as it helps reduce homeowner liability (and, by default, insurance company liability as well). For more information on pool fencing rules, read The Complete Guide to Pool Fencing Options and Safety Requirements.

And falling into a pool isn't just a risk to young children or pets; even adults can suffer tragic consequences by taking a misstep near the edge of the pool. A pool fence cost calculator could help estimate the total price you'll pay based on the material. This type of fence is also relatively easy for children to climb, so many people design it as a picket fence with sharper points that prevent climbing. However, a pool with curved edges could cost more if you choose to have the fence follow the shape of the pool.

This creates a durable horizontal barrier that is placed directly on the surface of the pool and opposes a more traditional vertical barrier that a fence provides around the pool.

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