What Size are Glass Pool Fence Panels?

When it comes to pool safety, glass pool fences are a popular choice for many homeowners. Not only do they provide a secure barrier around the pool, but they also offer an unobstructed view of the pool area and its surroundings. But what size are glass pool fence panels?Standard glass pool fences are usually 1200 mm high. The widths of the panels vary by design, but generally, a frameless pool fence will consist of panels between 850-1800 mm wide.

No matter what style of glass fence you choose, it must be at least 1200 mm high to meet safety regulations. Always review local regulations and guidelines to ensure that your pool fence complies with your state's laws. The glass panels can be customized to your application or to the building codes where you live. The height of the stock panels is 4' to 6' from most manufacturers. The doors are available in the same sizes.

The width of the panel is usually 4', but larger panels are produced, especially with framed glass fences. Our certified glass panels are 1200 mm high and are available in 39 standard sizes from 100 mm wide to 2000 mm wide (in 50 mm increments). We have a full breakdown of the total glass fence cost you'll likely incur if you choose this option. Even heat-treated tempered glass panels can explode due to nickel inclusions that are hidden during the manufacturing process. As with all fences, there are a few main factors that are likely to increase the cost of glass fencing and you should keep these in mind when you are thinking about getting fence estimates.

The number of gates needed can also influence the price, so be sure to set a realistic budget if you plan to install this type of pool fence. The glass pool fence is constructed with durable ½ inch tempered safety glass and stainless steel clamps, providing you with safe and durable barriers that are built to last. For the highest quality materials to get your glass balustrade or pool fencing project finished on time, get a free quote from Trade Glass Depot today. Frameless pool fence glass panels are sealed with an AS2208 license and a Pasmark conformity number confirming that the glass panels meet the manufacturing requirements of Australian standards. Frameless fence is a popular option, as there is practically nothing to obstruct the view of the pool area and the surroundings, but the barrier and security of the fence remain. Although there are many traditional fencing options on the market today, consider glass pool fences that provide all the safety, aesthetics and durability without compromising a beautiful view. Glass clamps come in both round and square styles that come in various profiles and have a glossy finish, either brushed, polished or powder-coated depending on your choice of texture or color. AquatinePlus, a premium fencing system based on components, allows versatility and durability in its appearance and application.

You want a fence that is durable and secure, while maintaining the overall aesthetics of your entertainment area. Tempered glass is heat-treated glass that is six times stronger than normal float glass or annealed glass. StyleGuard frameless glass fence systems are always custom made to order, making them the right choice for any residential or commercial environment.

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