What is the Maximum Gap Between Glass Pool Fence Panels?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends a maximum of four inches between glass and a solid floor surface, such as wood, tile or concrete. For mutable surfaces such as grass or gravel, the maximum recommended distance is two inches. The fence line has five glass panels with 45mm gaps between each panel, at each end, the corners have 25mm gaps. The operation below explains how to adjust the gaps to fit your on-site configuration. We offer our customers a choice of glass balustrades and fences with or without frame.

Our semi-framed panels are 1200 mm high and 10 mm thick, while our frameless panels are 1200 mm high and 12 mm thick to ensure adequate protection. Both types use reinforced safety glass with polished beveled edges for a strong, aerodynamic finish. Thanks to the crystal clear nature of glass, it has quickly become an incredibly popular choice for homeowners with swimming pools in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Whether you want your pool area to appear larger than reality or you want to have stunning views that you want to take advantage of, glass fence is the ideal choice. Very suitable for modern and contemporary homes, the glass pool fence offers a truly opulent finish that will enhance any space.

We love the details, so please include any measurements, drawings, plans, photos or anything else you may have that will help us get a quote. Laying a pool fence should be at least 100 mm from the edge of the slab, to avoid breaking the edge of the slab. Mark the gaps you need between each panel, keeping in mind that the gaps between panels should never exceed 100 mm. We recommend spaces of around 50 mm to make them aesthetically appealing. For the installation of our standard doors, the space required is 830 mm (800 mm door), 930 mm (900 mm door) and 1030 mm (1000 mm door), which includes the holes for hinges and latches.

Please note that it should not exceed a measurement of 100mm from the bottom of the panel to the ground, from the edge of the panel to another fence, dock or house, as this does not comply with government regulations. You will need to ensure that the minimum height of your fence is 1200 mm and that the maximum clearance is 100 mm. We recommend aiming for a gap between 30 and 80 mm. The adhesive tape is used to easily mark the entire fence line, sweep or blow away any dirt or dust from the fence line, if the area is wet, use a towel to dry the area, you cannot use adhesive tape if the ground is damp or if it is raining. Check twice and thrice that all measurements are correct and that the glass panes and gaps conform to the opening measurements. You should also check with your local council to ensure you meet the requirements of pool fence regulations.

Starting with the final gaps, mark the location of each panel or glass door and all the gaps between the panels on the adhesive tape. See how factory-applied EnduroShield coverage can save you up to 90% of glass panel cleaning time here. The use of marine grade steel in the frame also means that the finished product will be corrosion resistant for maximum durability, ideal for Melbourne's continually changing climate. When variation in the spacing of the spikes can occur in smaller hinge panels, when a small hinge panel is used, the spikes generally move closer to the edge of the glass, so that the hinge panel acts as a greater counterweight to the glass door. Use the site plan provided with your order, follow the steps below to ensure accurate placement of your pool glass fence or glass balustrade.

Have a helper hold one end of the tape and stretch it along your fence line, rubbing it over it to make sure it has stuck to its surface. To fix a gate panel to your pool fence you need certain panels and fittings. Place your glass horizontally on a surface with protective cover such as cardboard from its box or a blanket. The maximum clearance you can have between your glass panes and floor is 100mm (the ground underneath however must be stabilized). The required distance between door and glass panels is 30mm; therefore distance between glass panel and hinged panel surrounding door should be 830mm (for 800mm door), 930mm (for 900mm door) or 1030mm (for 1000mm door) respectively. You should also check with your local council to ensure you meet all requirements for pool fencing regulations.

Aim for gaps between 30-80mm for an aesthetically pleasing look. Make sure all measurements are correct before installation so that your pool fence meets all safety regulations.

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