What is the Best Type of Pool Fence for Safety and Style?

Removable mesh pool fence is the best thing about pool fence, but if you're looking for something more modern and stylish, glass partitions for offices and heritage homes construction are also a great option. They provide the same safety recommendations as traditional pool fences, but with a more contemporary look. Aluminum fences are some of the most popular types of pool fences due to their durability and corrosion-resistant properties. They are also often cheaper to install than traditional or wrought iron fences. Robust and quite weatherproof, this is a good option if you can place the posts in concrete.

Glass partitions for offices are also a great choice for those looking for a more modern and stylish look. If you don't have the skill to install the pool fence yourself, it's best to hire a professional. Every year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 300 children under the age of five drown in swimming pools. Unfortunately, many of these accidents can be prevented with proper precautions.

A fence around the pool provides a barrier that limits unsupervised access. When it comes to finding the best pool safety fence for your money, GLI Above Ground Pool Fence is an excellent choice. Designed specifically for above ground pools, this fence is easily mounted and attached to pool studs. When installed, the fence posts extend above the edge of the pool at an ideal height of 24 inches.

This pool fence comes pre-assembled with five stainless posts built with three layers of powder-coated aluminum, PVC pipes and a stainless steel rod that is used to anchor the fence in the ground. The poles are 3 feet apart and keep open a child-safe mesh made of interwoven fiberglass. This fence measures 12 feet wide and 4 feet tall, complies with U, S. CPSC Recommended Height of 4 Feet.

This versatile design can be mounted around pools of any size or shape. Although a gate is sold separately, each 12-foot section has the option of connecting to each other for a longer fence. When no longer needed, this fence rolls up compactly for easy storage. You can protect your pool with the WaterWarden pool fence.

The mesh panels on this 12-foot long fence create a climb-proof barrier, and the 4-foot height meets U, S. CPSC recommendations. For an affordable option for an above ground pool, GLI NE147 above ground pool fence is our choice for the best value. This smart design is well made with a solid, UV-protected, maintenance-free vinyl construction and sturdy mounting brackets.

DIY installation includes all supplies, hardware and instructions. This fence has a height of 61 cm and has a nice appearance. Our top pick for the best overall pool safety fence is for Life Saver V110P-5 Pool Fence. Built with high quality durable materials, this fence has an attractive appearance and a flexible and customizable design for swimming pools of any shape.

With a climbing resistant mesh surface, the removable safety fence GLI prevents people from climbing on it. The height of 4 feet on this fence complies with U, S. CPSC recommendations, and this fence can be easily removed and replaced as needed. You can install this fence yourself on any surface of the pool.

For those looking for something more luxurious, Sentry Safety Pool Fence ZS003 Visiguard is our premium choice of the best pool fences. This high quality pool safety fence is made of stainless materials and highly transparent child-proof mesh panels. You can install this attractive fence yourself and customize it to fit any shape of pool. This fence is easy to install, remove and store.

Glass pool fences are not as common as other types of fencing, but they offer a beautiful unobstructed view around the pool. With children at home, the safety and strength of your pool fence are the most important considerations when buying a new fence. But aesthetic concerns are offset by keeping your friends and family safe around the pool. Giantex 4 ft x 48 ft pool fence includes four 12 foot sections, with aluminum tubing and transparent breathable mesh.

This solid 24-inch fence from GLI helps to safely keep unwanted intruders out of the pool and keep toys and water games in. A pool can add a lot of enjoyment to the summer months, but only if everyone is safe around you. The almost transparent mesh not only increases the attractive appearance, but also offers better air circulation and allows you to keep an eye on children while you are in the pool.

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