How much does a fence around a pool cost?

You'll also get more privacy with a vinyl fence, especially if you built it full height for a higher price. The professional installation rate of a pool fence varies depending on the materials, location and complexity of the project. This is why a pool fence will create another layer of security to keep them away when you're not around. A swimming pool safety net may qualify in some cases, but you'll need to check with your insurance company directly.

Most pool fences are built around in-ground pools to prevent children, pets, and even adults from accidentally falling into the pool. These costs vary as pools come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention that there are several options for materials, fence height and gates. Beyond the most common cost factors, you may incur additional pool fence costs if other situations apply. Don't Stop Buying a Pool Fence Get free and no-obligation project estimates from pool fence builders near you.

If the terrain is too steep, it may be necessary to create a step to the pool, which also increases the cost. Your local Life Saver installer will measure how many linear feet you need around your pool and give you a free pool fence estimate. If you hire a professional, wait between half a day and a full day, depending on the length of the fence being installed. Life Saver Pool Fence is a premium mesh pool safety fence offered exclusively by authorized Life Saver dealers that features a three-layer solid post construction that has been tested to withstand more than 100 pounds of force, making it the strongest pole available.

Asking good questions when you contact your local contractors can help you get estimates closer to the actual cost of the pool fence. Along with the type of material, there are several factors that will come into play when you calculate your pool fence costs. All-Safe pool fences are made with sturdy mesh and aircraft-grade aluminum that protect children and pets when they must and can be easily removed when you don't need them.

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