What Type of Glass is Used for Pool Glazing?

If you are wondering what type of glass is suitable for your pool glazing, the answer is laminated glass. At Hydrosight, we distinguish between underwater windows and glass walls. A pool glass wall is a special underwater window that replaces part of the sides of the pool. There is no support bar on the top, everything is transparent.

The upper part of the window is just an exposed polished glass border. To keep the glass in place, the window is mounted from the sides and also from the bottom. The type of glass used in pool fencing is the same type of glass that is used in shower enclosures, sliding doors and car windshields. Tempered or tempered glass (these words usually mean the same type of glass) is made specifically for these uses where higher strength glass is needed. No matter what type of filter media you use, it needs to be changed so that the filter continues to remove contaminants from the pool water. If you leave it too long between changes, the filter may become clogged and unable to do its job properly, making your pool susceptible to murky water, imbalances or poor water circulation. Making a decision about sand or glass can be difficult, but read our suggestions below to see what we recommend.

Introduced in the late 1990s, glass filtration is becoming popular as a direct alternative to sand. While you claim that it filters finer than silica and requires less backwashing, is that all it seems to be? PSN spoke with service technicians and pool operators to see if the material meets or breaks expectations. A growing trend in pool filtration uses recycled glass instead of quartz silica sand in conventional pool sand filters. In fact, the English first used glass media in slow sand filters in the late 1700s, and they were the basis of the first patents. Glass is non-porous and ionically charged, which helps kill bacteria and organic material (read more about how bacteria are neutralized in this way here) and cannot flourish or grow inside glass media. It is also worth noting that a glass filter will allow technicians to vacuum through the filter and get results, a very useful feature in desert pools. Frameless fence has more support, so 10mm glass panels can be used, however, the cost savings on glass is usually compensated by more expensive posts.

Glass beads were more consistent in size, and since then the media have gained a strong regional preference among commercial pool operators. Just like the design and location of your pool fence, the glass used in the pool fence must meet strict Australian safety standards. Tempered glass is manufactured with controlled heat or chemical treatments to increase its strength. As a glass pool fence is usually installed off the ground, the panels are usually less than 1200 mm high. Sliding glass doors can achieve 20mm sight lines with flush floor finishes and large glass panes. While the glass needed for a safe pool fence is regulated, using a reliable pool fence to design and install the pool fence can minimize the risks of problems.

Word Of Mouth Fencing has been using the same glass panel supplier for over nine years to ensure high standards of tempered glass panels for every pool fence installed. This benefit has not gone unnoticed in the commercial swimming pool sector, especially in light of the recent NSF 61 certifications given to glass filter media. The joint between concrete and glass must be filled with a selected adhesive, which should not react with the material of the interlayer. To quickly clean up the water, she took the example of UM's hometown, the city of Missoula, which recently upgraded its municipal pool to glass media. Heated glass is a specialized architectural glazing technology whereby a transparent metal oxide coating inside the glass unit provides heat when electricity passes through it. In addition, when a sand filter uses only the top six inches of the media bed, regardless of the filter diameter, the glass media in the same model filter uses the full depth of the bed up to five feet of total depth on a 900 pound filter. With virtually nothing to hold on to, climbing a glass pool fence is almost impossible, making it a very safe option for pool fence.

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