Is glass pool fencing worth it?

It is resistant to pool chemicals. While chlorine can cause corrosion over time on metal pool fences, frameless glass pool fences are impervious to chlorinated pool chemicals, making it the ideal choice for nearby pools. Glass is resistant to chlorinated chemicals for swimming pools, so glass fences are a popular choice for pool fencing. In addition, a glass fence provides more visibility in the pool, which is always good if children swim in it.

The glass pool fence offers a less intrusive and more minimalist style to your space. Glass panels are typically up to 12mm thick to meet Australian safety regulations. According to statistics from Australian safety authorities, children are more susceptible to injuries and deaths in swimming pools that are not safe. So, if you already have a pool in your house or if you are thinking of purchasing one, the best safety feature you can add to ensure your children are safe is to install a pool fence.

Unfortunately, there are many homeowners who are afraid to invest in glass pool fencing because they see it as an additional expense. Well, to be honest, it's really worth the investment, especially if you consider their role in keeping your family safe. However, don't worry because at ALS Glass Works we offer glass pool fences at reasonable prices. Aluminum or glass pool fences can be one of the best additions to your patio or garden.

However, it can also represent a significant investment for you and your family. Therefore, the durability of the design and material is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your fencing. There are many well-known benefits of a glass pool fence. Unlike wooden or metal fences, it won't rot or rust.

This durability increases the value of your property, as does the surprising air of elegance and prestige that glass panels give to your poolside area. This is undoubtedly a great tick for frameless glass pool fences, as there are no areas for a child to gain a foothold and climb the barrier. The manufacture and installation of aluminum pool fences usually takes a little longer than glass, which means that the costs of these products are very much matched. This activity is best done on a clean glass fence with washable window markers and away from concrete or anything that can absorb stains, but children who are old enough to be kind and follow instructions can scribble around the fence.

Overall, aluminum barriers are ideal for homeowners on a budget who don't want to compromise on pool safety. Frameless glass pool fence is certified to meet all Australian standards and is approved for use as pool fencing. With barely visible lines, frameless glass pool fence is a stylish way to maximize the view of your pool and garden while providing a safe and secure environment. In addition to the material that will be used for the fence, local guidelines may also give indications about the gates, height and details of the fence.

Glass fences make large and small patios look bigger, especially if you use the Japanese technique of incorporating the look outside of your yard into your yard so that the eyes can't determine a boundary. Even in places with a more extreme climate than Southern California, homeowners get excited about the durability of glass fencing. Constructed of premium, 1200mm high toughened safety glass that is 12mm thick with polished and safe beveled edges. You don't have to commit your free time, always going around the fence to see how your children are doing.

In fact, to prevent children from climbing up the fence, many homeowners choose to add glass panels in front of tubes and grilles. Even when the fence is dirty, depending on how the sun shines, some birds and bees don't know it's there. This is why people today are looking for another option, such as glass pool fencing instead of traditional rod. However, unlike many alternative fence materials, the solid panels of a glass pool fence act as an effective windbreak.


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